Twenty new lessons recorded for you… hurrah!

Bhí cupla seachtain torthúla agam ansin ag cuir ceachtanna úra fidle le chéile agus a dtaifead don leathanach seo.

Tá mé ag súil go mbeidh dúil agaibh iontu.

I’ve just completed the next schedule of Donegal fiddle lessons today for you.

From my home to yours. ?

It has been very intensive but a rewarding exercise, as I depend totally on my memory to remember these tunes when I play them and break them down into shorter phrases for you to learn.

I really enjoyed choosing tunes that I think you would enjoy and I have incorporated a few tune requests  in the lessons  that I got from some of you,  as well.

As we progress, more people are asking how to ornament the tunes i.e. how to do rolls, triplets, cuts, double stops etc. etc. So, I’m thinking of scheduling a list of Zoom lessons and focusing in on certain ornamentations for every lesson and applying the chosen ornamentation to a specific tune which we have covered.

In the meantime… keep practicing and listening.

Don’t be afraid of the bow and give it a good long stretch on the strings using an even weight to get the best tone!!

I’m very happy with this new series and I have put a lot of thought and effort into the finished lessons.

Until the next Zoom chat… keep fiddling!

Mairéad x

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  1. Maireád Shields on 11 September 2021 at 14:37

    Comhghairdeas! That is a lot of work, isn’t it? Nice job! I think zooms focus on ornamentation would be helpful. especially for the tunes that have more than one type of ornamentation.

    go raith maith agat,

    Can’t wait to watch your documentary!


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