One Month Done – congratulations! ?

Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh le fidil

Hello fellow fiddlers ?,

Well that month wasn’t long passing!

I am delighted that you have joined me here on my online fiddle lessons!

There are fiddlers from Donegal, Dublin, New York, New Mexico, Japan, California, England, Korea and around the world learning since my website went live on May 17th – such an eclectic bunch of people! ❤️

I hope that you are practising your tunes daily and honing in on your skills and learning.

Practice, practice, practice!

There are more lessons ready and on the way over the next few days.

I’d appreciate if you would share your experiences with your friends and help spread the word about the lockdown fiddle lessons.

I’m also looking for some more positive feedback to use on my social media pages and if you would like your name mentioned with the quotes, or not, it really helps.

Thank you for being here and encouraging me to play and teach my music during these harrowing times for professional artists.

Go raibh míle maith agaibh.

Mairéad x


  1. Mary Behan on 20 June 2020 at 15:21

    HI Mairead, I’m getting started on my first lesson this evening. So delighted to be learning from you, I’ve been a fan for years. My 5 year old has also gotten his first fiddle so hopefully I can pass on what I’ve learned.

  2. Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh on 21 June 2020 at 18:14

    That will be lovely for you both.
    You can take the lessons as slow as you want.
    I find with little ones, repetition is the way.
    It helps their motor skills as well as concentration skills.
    It’s an overall good decline to get them to focus.
    Maybe teach him Twinkle Twinkle as it has the open strings and is easy for children to learn.
    Delighted that you’re on my fiddle class site.
    Thank you,

  3. Barbara Murphy on 25 July 2020 at 18:43

    Thank you for your lessons, Mairead. I’ve been working hard on intonation and these videos are a great help. I notice the difference when I play my scales before practicing the tunes. Playing along with you is challenging and fun! I’m new to Irish fiddle (only been playing violin for a bit more than a year and fiddle for a couple of months) and accustomed to reading music rather than learning by ear. This is tremendous ear training, not only for pitch but for rhythm as well. Irish rhythm is a challenge for me. All my jigs sound like waltzes (quite beautiful waltzes) so I have a lot of work to do. These lessons are invaluable.

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