Oíche Chultúir 2021/Culture Night 2021

I’m very excited about Culture Night 2021, which is tomorrow Sept.17th 2021.

I’ll be playing two online shows tomorrow

One is from Ionad Naomh Pádraig,Dobhair….a venue that does so much for the community.

I’ll just be chatting to them at 7pm on their FaceBook page

Then I join An Crann Óg in Amharclann Ghaoth Dobhair ,also on their FaceBook Live page 8pm.

So look in and say hello.❤️

I have a new song which will be released tomorrow on BandCamp.com called ‘SEINNIMID” which means let’s sing or play music.

During lockdown I couldn’t get over the young people’s resilience and coping mechanisms…they were outstanding and courageous.

I also thought of all the young people fighting for our world in different ways from civil rights to protecting our environment, our animals and nature.

So much to be proud of …we really could learn so much from their intelligence, energy ,enthusiasm and hope.


These are the lyrics…….and a rough translation……




Tá slánú an domhan i láimhe an óige,

‘S an tsean duine diúltach ar seachrán le maoin,

Tiocfaidh taoide an mhisnigh is báifeár an t-éadóchas,

Mol an óige is tiocfaidh sí.


Seinnimid, seinnimid, seinnimid ceol daoife

Suas ós ard agus síos le fán

Buille ar bhuille , guaille ar ghuaille,

Seinnimid ceol le grá agus gean..

A chairde mo chléibh tá mian in

mo chroí

Ní fada uainn  ‘n  dóchas  ag lásadh sa tír

Mar lásóg a lasann in éadán an t-anfa,

Mar réaltóg ag loinnriú i ndubh na hoích’


Tá réabhlóid ag bruith i ngoile na ndaoine

Tá’n t-athrú ag teacht agus molfaimid dó

Tógaigí gleo go dtiocfadh an tarrtháil,

Is ceolfaimid amhrán do gach duine beo


Tá’n dúlra i mbaol ‘s na h-aimhithe a gcailleadh

Ciar thuatháil ‘s na seasúir le fáillí is slad,

Muscláigí suas a chine gan daonnacht,

Is mithid an chuideadh’s mar caithfimid stad.



Let’s Sing

The healing of our World is in the hands of the youth,

Not in the hands of the lost selfish wealthy

The wave of hope will drown the despair

Praise the youth and they will thrive.


Let’s play, let’s play , let’s play music for them

Up on high and down in decline / the low,

Beat with a beat, shoulder to shoulder

Let’s play music with love and heart!

My dearest friends I have a wish in my heart

The spark of hope ignites in this land

Like a light that stays lit in the might of a storm

Like a star that shines in the darkest of  nights


A revolution boils in the stomach of our people

Change is coming and we will give praise

Raise your voices until we are saved

Let’s sing a song to all on this World.


Nature is threatened and the animal numbers are in decline

We have messed up the  seasons with neglect and plunder

Wake up mankind who lack humanity

It’s time to redeem and stop this devastation of our World


  1. Maireád Shields on 16 September 2021 at 19:39

    Comhghairdeas to your song! Beautiful lyrics.

    Go faith maith agat


  2. Maireád Shields on 17 September 2021 at 18:30

    Beautiful lyrics, Go raith maith agat

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