New Music and a Zoom call on Feb 16th ??????

I have been busy composing new music for a commission which I was asked to write for An Grianán Theatre, Letterkenny, Co Donegal.

I called the piece Ré an tSolais, meaning Time of Light or Era of  Light.

It was inspired by the near year long lockdown during this ongoing pandemic and looking forward to the glimmer of hope ahead with the  lengthening days, the coming of Spring, the rebirth and the joy of meeting up again to enjoy each others company more so than ever.

That reminds me again…what about a Zoom meeting soon?

Where we sit and play a few tunes on Zoom together and chat?

I will suggest Monday 16th February…..10PM GMT…if you can sort out your local time from that and I will send a Zoom link.It’ll just be 30-35 minutes but it’ll be nice to chat and meet?

I will send the Zoom link to all your emails and feel free to join or not…no one needs to do anything.!!!!??

BTW many thanks for your continued support and I hope to upload a few more tunes over the coming weeks.

Back to the new music here are the lyrics, and check the translation by my brother Gearóid below.

If you want to hear the song  go to and you can listen for free or contribute or whatever works for you.


I composed five pieces of music and this song see the lyrics below.


Ré an  tSolais

©️ Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh (IMRO)

A ghile na gile las solas mo chroí,

‘Mo threorú go buan i nduibheagáin na h-óich’

Tá’n bealach seo corrach ach ní ghlacfaidh mé scíth Go scroichfear ceann scríbe faoi sholas gealaí.

Tá’n oíche seo dorcha ach is feasach an tslí

’S an t-seisreach ag loinnriú i measc na réaltaí

Ach ar imeall na spéire idir dheirg dhá néal

Ó sprêigheann gath gréine thar dhromchla an tsaoil.

Mar ón dubh tagann bán sin mar atá

Amhráin ársa ár sinsear, macalla na gcianta Muna ngoilltear an duairc ní thuigtear an t- suairc Agus guím rê an tsolais ar do chroí ’s do mhianta

Coinnigh an dóchas i ndeireadh an lae

’S cóthaigh do ghrá go dtéimid sa chré

Tóg suas do mheanma ,a chara mo chléibh,

’S guím ré an tsolais ort,’s saol síochánta séimh.

Time of Light

Aistrithe ag Gearóid Ó Maonaigh

Bright is the brilliance that glows in my heart 

And leads me my path in the gloom of this night 

Along this road that is coarse, but I will not rest

Till I meet you tonight, by this moonlight.

The night is dark but I know my way

Beneath the Plough as it radiates among the stars 

Save at the brink of the sky amongst clouds of red

 A sunbeam sweeps o’er the face of the Earth

After dark comes the light the constant way 

The distant echoes of our forefathers music 

Suffer the pain to enlighten the joy

I bestow this beam to your heart’s desires

In faith and in hope at the end of the day

Our love will endure ‘till we return to clay 

Raise up your spirits my dearest of friends 

And peaceful your heart in the light of this life