New lesson – ‘Cáilín na Gruaige Doinne’

Hello friends,

As we are now getting into the Autumn months and back to school, I’ve decided to post a beautiful slow-air (fonn mall) for you to learn called Cáilín na Gruaige Doinne. The title translates as The Girl with the Brown Hair.

This is one of my late father’s favourite pieces and also my late husband’s favourite to play on the flute. It’s a song of unrequited love, as all the best ones are.

Some tips on this tune:

  1. Please take your time to learn this and study the phrasing.
  2. Also concentrate on tone and note precision to get into the feeling of the song.
  3. Emotion is very important in slow air playing and brings out the depth of beauty in the melody which is hundreds of years old.

Enjoy – bain sult as!
Mairéad x

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  1. Jonathan Kirby on 5 September 2020 at 03:11

    just love that wee air. cant do the trills . any advice

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