A Year of Donegal Fiddling!!!

Donegal fiddler Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh

It’s a year since I set up this platform to learn Donegal fiddle music.

This idea of teaching fiddle was always in the back of my mind, but I was always so busy touring with my band Altan that I didn’t have the time to sit and do such a thing.

So in a way the lockdown has really made me think outside the box and reinvent my music in a way and teach you a few tunes.

It has been a pleasure thinking of tunes that you might like to learn from my tradition in County Donegal.

I have recorded a new selection of tunes which I will be teaching you over the coming year.

Remember there is a SLOW DOWN and LOOP facility with every lesson so you can hear  and see every note being taught.

Also you can download the MP3 of every tune to listen to on your  preferred listening device  to familiarise yourself with the tune.

As I am a huge advocate of learning by ear, I hope that this feature will also help you develop your listening skills overall….not a bad thing for any musician.

I am also working on a Gaelic song platform, which I will be sharing with you when it’s completed.

I was thinking of launching it in the Autumn ,when people are back in their routine facing into the Winter.

Please, write and tell me  how the lessons are going and how you are progressing with them.

Go raibh maith agat,

Mairéad ??

Happy Summer Soltice


  1. Anna English on 1 July 2021 at 04:40

    HI Mairead,
    I am really enjoying the lessons. I have a tendency, when learning a new piece, to go too fast too soon, so having the slow down feature really helps me. Looking forward to the song platform, too. Thank you!

    • Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh on 7 September 2021 at 17:44

      Hello Anna,
      Thank you for your kind comment.
      I have concluded my new series of fiddle lessons so now I will concentrate on my song schedule, which will be up in the coming weeks I hope!
      Fingers crossed.

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