Join me: A new Zoom fiddle chat

Please join me this Thursday November 4th @ 11.00PM Irish time.

These get togethers have been invaluable for me to see how you are progressing with my fiddle lessons and on how I can improve them as we go along.

The biggest advice I can give to everyone generally is to spend a little time daily to play a tune and focus in on a particular obstacles or tricky phrases.

Repetition and rehearsal is the key.

Tape yourself play and listen to yourself and be your  own biggest critic.

You know best what to do, how you want to sound and just need to practice it to your highest standard.

In traditional Irish music , which we are doing, it’s the rhythm is of utmost importance as most of these pieces are dance tunes.

Tone is also important…a nice solid , strong , sweet tone……this is your “voice” on your instrument.

To get that tone you must control your bow and not be frightened of it.

Draw that bow and give the note a good even sound….no squeaks now!!!?

Keep these points in your mind when you play your next tune.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow night(for me?)

Time: Nov 4, 2021 11:00 PM Dublin
Meeting ID: 823 8073 1969
Passcode: 8Q8MEq


  1. Maireád Shields on 4 November 2021 at 17:39

    These tips are helpful! I benefit from the monthly chats because when the zoom chat is done I feel I have a better understanding of the tune. Go raith maith agat

  2. Billy Patton on 3 January 2022 at 12:24

    Happy new year everybody. Hope you are all safe and well. And lang may yer lum reek. Rosin the bow, here we go again.
    Billy Patton.

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