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Gravatar (255) Berty Meaney
Sat, 4 October 2014 23:17:29 +0000


I just saw you being interviewed and playing with your band Altan on the Imelda May show. I have heard of your band many times but never really heard you playing but I am glad I tuned in to the show tonight and heard you playing. You were really good. I went on line straight away and checked your web site to see if you are playing in Cork sometime in the near future but I don't see anything coming up. I will keep an eye out though. I also noticed your name and noticed that, or maybe I'm wrong, that the English translation of your name is the same as my own, Meaney. Anyway I look forward to seeing you playing some time in the future he re in Cork.
Berty Meaney

(254) david macdonald
Tue, 6 May 2014 13:42:02 +0000

Hi Mairead, many thank's to you and the boy's for a fantastic set at Girvan folk fest,
I spoke to you in the restaurant before the concert (he of the plastic nails ) also spoke
of Athena Tergis, you are lovely lovely lady it was a pleasure speaking to you, take
care and lot's of love.
David x

(253) Terry
Sun, 30 March 2014 10:15:44 +0000

Hi Mairéad
Saw your programme on RTE 1 last Friday and it prompted a question for me. One of the tunes I love to play is King of the Faeries. I know this tune is also known as King William or William of Orange and I am concerned that it might have loyalist rebel lyrics. Can you or perhaps one of your friends reassure me that (hopefully) this is not the case.
Many thanks.

(252) Sarah Murnane
Sat, 15 March 2014 17:51:55 +0000

Stumbled upon your website today. I'm sure you don't remember me but you were my 5th class teacher (I think it was 5th class) at St Oliver Plunkett's. I was in the last class you taught before retiring from teaching. We ran into each other some years back at Logan Airport ( I have been living in Boston since '94 and you were touring). Clearly you have discovered the fountain of youth! You look as beautiful as I remember you back in the '80's.

So lovely to hear you are still performing. I hope to see you play in Boston some day!


Sarah Murnane

Gravatar (251) joyce
Mon, 10 March 2014 15:11:43 +0000

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(250) Thomas Furter
Thu, 6 March 2014 16:22:38 +0000

Hello Mairéad
it has been a while since the winter School but ist is still very present. I had a couple of day after the Festival and I could stay with Ian Smith. As allways I enjoyd every moment of the stay in Ireland. The festival was extremly impressiv to me. There is nothing compareble in Switzerland. The more it was difficoult to come back.
Thank you very much for these unforgetable days with all the people, the music and the landscape.
Ian told me that you have a project with Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas. Due to the fact I played the cello for 12 years I would be very interesseted to listen to what you do together. I am very much looking forward to seeing and hearing you again.

Have a good time though. I send you my best regards from Switzerland.

PS: The tune I played at the big session in the Chuirt by the way was "The Humours of Tullycrine". I love that hornpipe a lot.

Gravatar (249) jamie
Sun, 2 February 2014 22:15:45 +0000

greetings mairead, just a heads up to let you know your contact form is not working.

(248) Laura Miranda de Lennon
Thu, 16 January 2014 19:55:32 +0000

Dear Mairead, I hope you are keeping well. You may remember me from the time when you and Frankie lived in Hillside (Skerries). I work in the Spanish Embassy and the Ambassador, Javier Garrigues, is hosting a small informal reception next Tuesday 21st January at 4.30 pm for Carlos Núñez. It occurred to me that you might wish to join us. If you, and indeed any member of Altan, wish to attend, the Ambassador would be delighted. If you are interested, please email me at the above address or ring me at 01 2060120 / 087 2962879 so that I can send you a formal invite and give you more information about the event.

Best wishes as well from Brian, my husband; we continue to be great fans of Altan. And we still live in Skerries! but we moved to Red Island years ago, which we love. I hope we meet some time. All the very best, Mairead.

Fond regards.


(247) pauly
Mon, 6 January 2014 18:14:14 +0000

Just wanted to tell you that you look as beautiful today as any woman alive.There is just something about your face, that has always left me just captivated. Like looking at some wonderful in nature.
Nothing to do with your music as such, but I expect it was the family inherited music that put at least some of the special light into your features and kind face.
When I was living in England as the son of Irish emigrants in the 1980's and early 1990's, seeing a gifted and cultured Irish person like you made it better for us all to be Irish, in a time when it was not so cool to be Irish over there.
I never needed that, as I adored Ireland and could not wait to go home to Ireland anyway, but I was as captivated by you over there then as now.
So I wanted to let you know, you are such a gorgeous looking woman and people such as you meant a lot to the Irish over there at the time.
You were a one of (definitely) in a one of a time (hopefully).
Good luck.

(246) John Ploch
Sun, 5 January 2014 22:17:23 +0000

So happy that I got Imeall in CD form as soon as it was released -- it's brilliant and certainly hope there will be more to come. Looking forward to your return visit to The Birchmere someday soon!